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How to Save Gold Online on Tokopedia

By Isny Dewi R

10 June 2020

Since a long time ago, gold has become the most popular investment instrument of so many Indonesians. However, there are differences in how to save gold a few years ago with today. In the past, people saved gold by bought gold jewelry or gold bars and storing it in a safe, now people can save gold digitally or online.
If you are interested in saving gold online, you can join Tokopedia Emas program. Tokopedia Emas will help you save gold more easily and affordably. Much like a conventional gold saving system, you can buy, save and sell your gold at any time when the market price is considered profitable.
Every gram of gold that you buy will be converted into physical form and will be deposited at Pegadaian. In addition, in Tokopedia Emas, you can also buy gold in low nominal, starting from Rp. 5,000. So, how to do it?
1. You must have a gold saving account. How to make it is so simple, you just have to fill in your personal data, ID card, and upload your photos.
2. Top-up your OVO balance as a digital wallet to do any transactions on Tokopedia.
3. You will be asked to enter the nominal transaction which will be directly converted into the amount of gold in accordance with the current purchase value.
4. After finishing the payment process, you can immediately buy gold. The amount of your gold saving and selling price can be directly monitored through Tokopedia app.
Then, what benefits will you get by saving gold online on Tokopedia?
1. Easy Gold Saving Starting from Rp 5,000
Through Tokopedia Emas, you can easily buy and sell gold with a starting value of Rp 5,000.
2. Buy and Sell Instant Gold, even on Holidays
You can buy and sell gold online anywhere and anytime, including holidays. Buy and Sell Gold in Tokopedia can be done instantly in seconds (T + 0).
3. Safe and Reliable Gold Savings
Saving gold on Tokopedia is guaranteed safe because they have collaborated with PT Pegadaian which is under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority.

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