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How to Start Business in Jakarta

How to Start Business in Jakarta


Being an entrepreneur is not as easy as imagined. But that paradigm should be erased to start your own business. If you dream to have your own business in Jakarta, try these tips!

1. Choose The Business Type
Maybe you already hear this often, but this is the important step for you to build a business in Jakarta. Besides your business should match your capability and interest, the type of business should also suit the Jakarta’s following trends. The Jakarta’s people tend to follow trends and always attracted to innovations. Try to think based on that reasons and create an interesting business for you to run.

2. Make Sure The Cost Suits You
The first asset is so important. You should smartly manage your financial to open a business with minimum outcome but still maintain the quality. The Jakarta’s people are very careful. This fact supports the issue of many businesses went bankrupt because of the lack of quality. So make sure you spend your money right to bring the good quality than lose customer’s trust.

3. Find Trustworthy Colleague
Two heads may be hard to build a business, but four hands will help a lot to finish problem. Find a trustworthy colleague, not only from family or friend, but also can be your neighbor’s recommendation with a work quality that suits you. And then you can split the duty and be focus on your own role of responsibility.

4. Seek A Lot of Information and Learn From Others
There might be many people around you who already have business earlier. Try to learn from them. Ask for their opinions and seek for the information of how to build a successful business. Or read some books or articles about the business you are interested in.

5. Analyze The Business Location
When you start a business such as restaurant, you have to analyze the location first. Make sure the location suits your market target. Check if there is any similar restaurant and know your competitor. The business competition in Jakarta is very strict. If you are not careful, your business can be run out soon. Also consider the access to your business location. The people will not like to face a traffic jam every time when they want to reach your place.

6. Predict The 3 Years Later Innovation
The success of your business is based on your good business plan. Although you cannot know what will happen next year, at least you can predict it first by digging some information or even create a new culture you want for next year. With this step, you can anticipate every possibility that can occur to your business.

7. Focus on Target
Jakarta seems only belong to youngsters nowadays, from the age of teenagers to young adult of middle 30s. Except in the government who runs by the age of 40s, another business in Jakarta especially in technology aspect is dominated by youngsters. Know your market target and focus on it. Your product or service will not have a significant change because you have fixed the age market target.