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Hunting for Flowers at Pasar Kembang Cikini, the Oldest Flower Market in Jakarta

By Isny Dewi R

16 March 2020

Pasar Kembang Cikini is the oldest flower market in Jakarta, older than the flower market in Rawa Belong.

Are you planning to give a flower for your partner or a flower bouquet for your colleague who has just officially opened his business? If so, maybe you can make a choice to Pasar Kembang Cikini to get what kind of flower you want.

Pasar Kembang Cikini or Cikini Flower Market is arguably the oldest flower market in Jakarta. This market has existed since 1962, older than the flower market in Rawa Belong.

The shops at a glance look neatly lined up. There are several shops that occupy a small alley with wall divider between one shop to another. Another case with shops that shelter on the side of the road, which only uses tent as a place for them to sell.

At least there are still dozens of shops that sell flowers per stem, to flower arrangement for various purposes ranging from simple flower to be given to couple, flowers for wedding decoration, to flowers as congratulations.

This legendary flower market in Jakarta not only sells flowers from within the country, but also flowers from abroad, from rose, orchid, lily, chrysanthemum, baby breath, carnation, snapdragon, gerbera, peacock, and several other types of flowers that are not less beautiful.

According to one shop owner, there are no restrictions on selling flowers at Pasar Kembang Cikini. All shops can sell any type of flower, in any amount. The price offered also varies, ranging from Rp 10,000 per stem, up to hundreds of thousands for flower bouquets.

The type of flower that is most often hunted is rose. Flowers at Pasar Kembang Cikini are mostly from Lembang (Bandung), Cipanas (Bogor), to Malang. As for orchid and antarium flowers, usually imported from Bangkok.

Flowers are usually sent twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. So, if visitors want fresh flowers, come on those two days. For imported flowers such as tulip and lily casablanca, it's a good idea for customers to order well in advance. In addition, they are also required to buy in large quantities, because it is quite difficult to find.

Access to Pasar Kembang Cikini is also quite easy, because it is located on Jalan Cikini Raya, precisely opposite Cikini Station, Central Jakarta.

Top Photo Credit: Instagram @pasarkembangcikini1962 / toro photography

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