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Hunting for Melodious Birds at Kelapa Gading Bird Market

By Isny Dewi R

19 June 2019

Looking for melodious voiced birds at the bird market in Kelapa Gading.

Are you a bird lover? So far, you only know the bird market in Pramuka area, East Jakarta? If so, you should try to come to this place in North Jakarta. In this area there are bird sales centers and also several other pets such as fishes, to ornamental plants.

The location is on Jalan Pelepah Raya in Kelapa Gading or on the connecting road between West Boulevard and Perintis Kemerdekaan (near Jogging Park). Although not as big as Pramuka Bird Market, the bird market built by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Cooperative and Small and Medium Enterprises Office (KUKM) has been around since 1999.

Initially, there were 20 bird traders in this market. They are divided into five blocks. However, over time, there has been a change in ownership of kiosks and now only 15 bird traders left. Although not many, some traders here have received entrepreneurship training through the Integrated Entrepreneurship Program (PWT) from the Jakarta administration.

Photo Source: @matajkt

Traders here sell many types of pet birds, complete with cages to its feed. Some of the birds that are usually included in singing contests like canaries, stone magpies, kacer, lafbert, green cucak, to the most popular ones like pigeons can be found here.

Well, for those who like to jogging at Taman Jogging, you can take a moment to visit this bird market and have breakfast with a variety of culinary options around.

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