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Hunting for Your Favorite Takjil at Benhil Market

Hunting for Your Favorite Takjil at Benhil Market


Counting down to ifthar time, many people like to buy takjil or light meals for breaking the fast. Benhil Market can be the alternative spot for you to look for various takjil selections. This market is often crowded by the takjil ‘hunters’, so don’t be surprised on seeing so many people swarming around this market and causing traffic jam. But now there is a renovation of Benhil Market, so you can find the takjil sellers on the left side of Tempat Penampungan Sementara Pasar Benhil (the temporary place for Benhil Market sellers). Because of the strategic location, a lot of people drop by to this place to bring takjil home or to enjoy it together with their co-workers.

Plenty varieties of snacks you can find here, such as traditional market snacks, fried foods, ices, Bubur Sumsum, Kolak, Biji Salak, until heavy meals. The food tents that line up the semi-curve street has already started to open since 11 am. Benhil Market itself is already a trademark of Ramadhan month, that’s why this market is also called Pasar Takjil Benhil (pasar: market). The price is also affordable. For the common takjil menu like Kolak and Biji Salak you can get starting from Rp5.000,- only. While for the heavy meal is priced Rp12.000,- to Rp35.000,-. Excited to shop for takjil here?



Jl. Bendungan Hilir Blok A No. 1, Bendungan Hilir, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia