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Hutan Kota Plataran, an Exotic Fine Dining Infused with Indonesian Culture

By Isny Dewi R

21 January 2020

Hutan Kota Plataran is a world-class Indonesian restaurant that unique, exotic, cosmopolitan infused with Indonesian culture and history.

Jakartans, along with domestic and foreign tourists can now enjoy a unique, exotic, cosmopolitan venue infused with Indonesian culture and history, while at the same time experiencing world-class Indonesian restaurant facilities at Hutan Kota Plataran.

The venue is located inside Jakarta’s Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) complex, and can be found right next to Hutan Kota GBK location that is also managed by GBK. Hutan Kota Plataran is underpinned by a basic concept: "History, Nature, Culture and the Glory of Indonesia".

Operating under the tagline, "Light of Nusantara", these central themes are combined with cosmopolitan facilities, all in one location. The project aims to be an inspiration to Jakartans, while also showcasing the glory of Indonesia to the world.

Plataran Indonesia became the manager of the project after being invited, together with several leading F&B companies and hotels, to join a rigorous selection process. Carried out by a select committee that was appointed by the Bung Karno Sports Center Complex Management Center (PPKGBK) and RI State Secretariat, this process was supervised by the State Attorney's Office and the DKI Jakarta High Prosecutors Office.

The project sets out to conduct revitalization work on the site, in order to make it into a location that reflects Indonesian culture, through a venue that can host state guests during banquets that represent Indonesian cuisine.

Hutan Kota Plataran was fully conceptualized, designed, implemented and operated by the sons and daughters of Indonesia. In addition, the revitalizing project has used materials sourced almost entirely from within the country and involved many SMEs. It has been financed by Plataran, without the use of government funds.

To access the site, visitors can enter via GBK’s main entrances, at gates 5, 7 and 10. The venue is conveniently located within reach of public transportation, such as Transjakarta and MRT Jakarta. 

Bringing in thousands of plants, along with several ornithologists from Plataran Menjangan West Bali National Park, Plataran hopes that this venue will become a sanctuary for birds in Jakarta. As one of the icons of the city of Jakarta and in addition to being a large park.

This venue is also equipped with various facilities, such as corporate dining spaces for MICE activities, the Expression Wall Platform, Putri Dewi Open Performance Deck, Plataran Pet Playground Plataran, and prayer rooms.

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The fine dining restaurant places an emphasis on authentic Indonesian food, prepared by the Plataran chefs to reflect the national culture of togetherness (sharing food), which has been passed down by generations of mothers and grandmothers. Hutan Kota Plataran will offer a stage upon which the culinary diversity of Indonesia can be represented and celebrated.

For food menu, Plataran Senayan categorizes them by appetizers, salads, processed chicken, processed seafood, processed meats, vegetables, dessert, and drinks. As mentioned above, almost all menus are made in big portion that is suitable for sharing.

One of the most favorited apptizers at this fine dining is Bola-bola Senayan (Rp. 89,000). This dish is five fried seafood balls served with peanut sauce underneath. The mixture is made from shrimp, calamari, and vegetables such as leeks.

The texture of Bola-bola Senayan is so soft and chewy with the savory sweet taste on the dominant shrimp. A slightly sweet blend of peanut sauce makes this dish even more delicious. Especially if you add lime, make it more flavorful and give a fresh impression.

Photo Credit: Instagram @songofmarch

For the main course, chicken lovers should try Ayam Hutan Kota (Rp 149,000). It looks like Peking Chicken, but the skin is crispy. Above it there are orange spices with spicy garlic flavor. Crispy skin flanks stuffed chicken meat that is dense and tender. It is best to eat with warm rice.

Satisfied eating the food, you can taste Green Kelor (Rp. 52,000) to refresh your throat. This juice is very unique because as the name implies, it is made using Moringa leaf, with a mixture of cucumber and coconut water. This leaf is known to have many benefits such as lowering blood sugar and cholesterol. The texture of the juice is rather thick with a taste similar to green juice in general.

If you want to visit Hutan Kota Plataran Senayan, this place is often crowded on weekends. Therefore, it is highly recommended to make a reservation first.

Top Photo Credit: Instagram @pl.hutankota


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