Identify Causes of Insomnia Early

Identify Causes of Insomnia Early


Do you ever find yourself stay a whole night? Meanwhile laying on bed for several hours, you feel not sleepy at all? It absolutely exhausting, because it will disrupt your daily activities. According to sleep experts, insomnia triggered by several causes down below.

1. Irregular sleep pattern

Do you know if someone has irregular sleep pattern, always change every single day, have a big effect for sleep duration. In similar way like eating, sleeping is a need. But, someone has a long sleep is not better than sleepless people.

According to American National Sleep Foundation (NSF), adult (18 – 25 years old) need 7 – 9 hours of sleep per night, 26 – 64 years old people also need 7 – 9 hours of sleep per night. With regular duration, appetite hormones will not affected, lowering obesity risk. To set sleep pattern, starts your nighttime with brush the teeth, listening music or read a book.

2. Caffeine

You might hear caffeine get someone have a sleeping trouble, but you still notice it. According to experts, the more you sip caffeine, the more it increase insomnia symptoms. Caffeine has a distinguish ability to rest your circadian rhythm that regulate melatonin releasing (sleep hormone). Melatonin itself determines sleep and wake up time in natural way.

Half of your caffeine stay for 3 – 5 hours, while another half stay longer, 8 – 14 hours. The effect depending on some factors, such as genetic, age, consuming time and habit. According to Prof. Drake from Henry Ford Sleep Disorders and Research Center better not drinking coffee too late, after 5pm to get a good night’s rest.  

3. Smartphone

Some people tend to get engaged with their smartphones before bed, while its LED has bad effects for cycle of nighttime. According to a study published in BMJ Open medical journal based on survey for 10.000 Norwegian teenagers, 16 – 19 years old, found that the more you get engaged with smartphone before bed, the more it increases your insomnia symptoms.

Using smartphone before bed leads to headache, sore muscles because the electromagnetic radiation and worst position. Ache, sore leads to main causes you stay awake a whole night. To getting a good night’s sleep you can replace smartphone with writing journal or read a book.

4. Take a long nap

A nap has lot of benefits, like recharge your body. But, if you take a nap in long time it can be ruin your cycle of nighttime. According to Health, take a nap for 45 minutes lowering risk of high blood pressure as well as increasing brain memory function. But, everyone has different effect. Napping is bad for insomnia, the more you sleep during the day, the less tired you will be at night that may increase your insomnia symptoms. If you feel drowsy in daytime, you can do some stretching or yoga to recharge your energy.  

5. Stress

Worry can lead to stress and it turns out to be one of the causes of insomnia, where someone unable to close their eyes even feel so drowsy and sleepy. While brain tend to reflect horrible things happen all day, it might be interfere your sleep time, make sure to know what makes you feel anxious before bed. When you already know things make you feel anxious, write it down on your journal. Research shows that write down anxiety you feel help you to get rid of unnecessary thought as well as increasing the quality of sleep.