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Import Stuff Fun Hunting at Ular Market

Import Stuff Fun Hunting at Ular Market


Who said that shopping good quality stuff should be expensive? You will break this statement when you shop at Ular Market. You will be amazed of the cheap price of branded stuff here. Yes, you will be a little bit in doubt of this. But don’t worry, those stuff are the remaining of export-import goods.

Sometimes you will find some return goods because it has some flaws but it is still good to be used. Sometimes the flaw is just on the sewing or at invisible spots so you can still use it confidently. If you want to ask the stuff quality, don’t be afraid to ask the seller. In fact, it is a must to ask the seller first about the stuff information.

Unlike any other market with a “market” ambience, Ular Market is not a market with unpleasant scent and small rooms needing additional lights. The Ular Market is more like a trade center shopping arcade. With Air Conditioner and tidy rows of stores, you will have an enjoyable shopping experience here.


Koja, Kota Jakarta Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14230