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Importance of Self-Upgrading during COVID-19 Pandemic

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
12, May 2020

Every time you hear about latest news of COVID-19 pandemic, have you been feeling anxious lately? The time you feel unusual anxious, stress, or panicky could lead to physical illness caused by a mental factor such in stress.

When someone feel the unusual feelings, amygdala (centre of anxiety in their brain is reactive, as the result nervous system becomes unbalanced causing cough, fever, even join inflammation which similar to COVID-19 symptoms.

Hence, COVID-19 is not only threatens physical, but rather your mental health. There are ways to look after your mental health during this pandemic including self-upgrading. Self-upgrading is one of important steps to look after your mental as well as help you upgrade some downtime and give you a fresh chance to learn something new. 

Self-upgrading has various forms including develop the skill of gaining insight and improving the ability of learning. It is undeniable that COVID-19 affected most sectors including employment in Indonesia. You might become one of millions employee which spend your time 8 – 9 hours every single day at the office and now found yourself work from home for undecided time to avoid spread of COVID-19. 

Flexible working hours (work from home) due to COVID-19 lures than ever will. While they often like to work traditional hours such as 9am to 5pm, they lured by flexible working hours and tend to enjoy other things beside their job. Although, they can use a bunch of free time develop the skill of gaining insight as well as improving the ability. In other words, take the time to learn something new. There are still a few strings you could add to your bow, right?

In this case, people who work from home simply required to manage their time wisely for both work and leisure activities. You can start from simple habit of thinking that you are still going to the office every day (during pandemic). Choose a spot at your home which can help you focus as well as improving concentration. Avoid bedrooms and sofas to get your work done. Thus, after this pandemic over, you do not need to adapt with that important routine.



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Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani