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Improve Air Quality with These Recommended Air Purifiers

By Eskanisa R

24 November 2020

Improve the air quality and remove pollution.

Photo source: Sarah Kobos/The New York Times

In the shadow of Coronavirus pandemic, spaces we live have always contaminated with pollutants. For that reason, many people thinking about air purifiers designed to trap small particles to protect their households, especially during this pandemic.
After exposure to allergies, cold, cough, and asthma triggers caused by pollution, the existence of High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) capture small particle sizes efficiently as well as making your spaces clean and fresh. Here are best recommendation of air purifiers for clean air in your home.

1. SHARP FP-J30Y Air Purifier
The simple, unique, and colorful air purifier from Sharp is one of the ideal choice to reduces the chances of airborne diseases, neutralizes unpleasant odors as well as improve indoor air quality.
Starts from Rp600.000 per unit, this air purifier has three different speed, low, high, and max to enhance air quality. Besides, SHARP FP-J30Y provides positive and negative ions with array of benefits including boosting immune system, breathing relaxation, and improve sleep quality.

2. Mi Air Purifier Max
This is not the first time Xiaomi expanded their best technology for home appliances. Claimed as smart air purifier with high performance, this product equipped with dual 4-duct blower with aerodynamic system helps to deactive viruses in the air. Besides, with the triple-filter, this product also help to filter up to 99 percent small particles and pump clean air in every corner or your spaces.

3. Samsung AX7000
Comes with minimalist, modern, and compact from, Samsung AX7000 works without making any noise. This product can be controlled and monitored through SmartThingsApp from your smartphones. This also equipped with HEPA Pro Filters and child locking feature for safety.

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