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Indofood Loyalty to Fulfill Indonesian Needs

Indofood Loyalty to Fulfill Indonesian Needs

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When you hear the word “Indofood”, what comes to your mind? Maybe some brands of snacks and beverage products will come to your mind, right? It means Indofood had successfully entered their market target.

Can you imagine that in more than twenty years, Indofood had created so many products to fulfill Indonesian people’s daily needs on every side of this country. Apparently, not only for consumer, Indofood also helps the producer and distributor to expand their business. Let’s find out more about Indofood.

Indofood has 5 company groups and each group have their own products. First is Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk. This group handles overseas product which bought and sold in Indonesia such as food and beverage in ready-to-eat and ready-to-drink package.

Second, Indofood has Bogasari who provides intermediate goods, flour, and finished goods in a form of pasta. Third, Indofood Agri Resources Ltd. is an agricultural company runs in processing of fiber, sugar, oil, and other agricultural needs.

The fourth one is the distribution group where Indofood has their own distribution division to bring all the products to the market. The last is the group who handles the vegetables cultivation and processing. This group is supervised by China Minzhong Food Corporation Limited.

With various groups and products they have, Indofood, as one of the biggest companies in Indonesia, always pays attention to all their service and management. That’s why Indofood got so many awards including Indonesia Most Admired Companies Award 2014 by Warta Ekonomi Magazine and The Top 50 Companies for 2014 by Forbes Indonesia.

Their clear vision which is to be the company who provides number one foods, is supported by their company values that they always maintain. So Indofood can continuously create and fulfill Indonesian people’s needs with the best service.


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+62 21 57958822 ; Call Centre: +62 (0) 800 1122 888


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