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Indomie BBQ Chicken Ranked Best Instant Ramen by L.A. Times

By Eskanisa R

28 November 2019

Indomie Mi Goreng Ayam Panggang rankes as best instant noodle by L.A. Times.

Who does not know this instant noodle? You could simply say that Indomie is Indonesian’s favourite instant noodle. Indomie was introduced firstly in 1969 as an easy-to-serve yet affordable instant noodle. Indomie had been ranked as most delicious instant noodle in 2017 by Ramen Rate for curry flavour, now Indomie BBQ Chicken ranked as best instant ramen by L.A. Times.

The best ramen (instant noodle) in the world was compiled by Lucas Kwan Peterson based on its flavour and truth in advertising or similarity of the original appearance with the advertisement. According to Lucas as food columnist works on reportage on L.A. Times Instant Ramen Power Rankings, there are at least five flavour come from that Indomeie packaging.

The complexity of the flavours come from three liquid-from spices, seasoning oil, sweet soy sauce, and chili sauce. While the other two comes from MSG powder and dried vegetables. Although Lucas said this kind of Indomie is instant noodle not ramen based on the column he was working but Indomie successfully ranked in the first spot because of its deliciousness. However, there is one single miss which has by this most delicious instant noodle in the world which turn to be too sweet.

There is indeed a slight spicy flavours from chili sauce but the amount of sweet soy sauce is too much. Indomie BBQ Chicken successfully beat its competitors such as Nongshil Shin (Black), Mama (Creamy Shrimp Tom Yum), Mjoyo Chukazanmai (Soy Sauce) and Sapporo Ichiban (Tokyo Chicken Momosan).



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