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Loving Culture Through Modern Technology

Spectr News Theme Miranti Devina
19, August 2015

With the vision and mission of maintaining Indonesia’s cultural tradition and customs, Indonesia Kaya Gallery combines both Indonesia’s traditional and modern elements. This gallery was built with advanced technology so it can provide you to do various activities to know Indonesia’s culture and appreciate the Indonesian artist. This gallery was built with a hope of creating nationalism to people, especially youngsters in this globalization era.

Entering the gallery auditorium, you will find an aisle with multimedia screens showing welcome regards from youngsters with various Indonesian local language and traditional outfits. If you like Indonesian traditional puppet, there is a video mapping showing Mahabarata’s tales.

On the other side of the room, there are some information spots about the Indonesian culture, tradition, tourism, and culinary, showed by Kaca Pintar Indonesia and Jelajah Indonesia interactive touchscreens. You can also play with the screens, such as Selaras Pakaian Adat Area, Melodi Alunan Daerah, Ceria Anak Indonesia, serta Arungi Indonesia. Those screens provide you to play Indonesian traditional games and musical instruments, take photo wearing digital Indonesian traditional outfit, and visit Indonesian archipelagos.

Finally you will come to the main auditorium of Indonesia Kaya Gallery. Here is the right place to enjoy performances of Indonesian artists. A stage of 1x3 meters size built in front of the 150 seats for people, completed with projector and the screen. The art performances have its own schedule and change regularly every month, with unique attributes and features showing Indonesia’s characters. So interesting!

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina