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To an Educated Indonesia

By Miranti Devina

12 November 2015

Indonesia Mengajar To an Educated Indonesia

Speaking of Indonesia’s education world, there are still a lot of teachers needed in many region of Indonesia, while the students keep increasing every year. So, skilled teachers are needed to educate them. This is what makes The Indonesian Ministry of Education, Anies Baswedan, built Indonesia Mengajar. The purpose is to fulfill the lack of qualified teachers in Indonesia, and to prepare the Indonesian young potential leaders that have a deep knowledge about Indonesian region.

Indonesia Mengajar recruits, selects, and trains the best college graduates from various majors and places them as the elementary school teachers in Indonesia’s areas for a year. Why elementary school? Because at this stage, a child starts to grow in education world until it become the first step that will define their future. If you are a fresh graduate, you can join this movement because Indonesia Mengajar only accepts fresh graduate for their teachers. Fresh graduates are trusted to have a qualified skill and capacity to be good teachers.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a teaching experience before. Because after the selection process, the teachers will get two months intensive training about the teaching and leadership. The required criteria to be young teachers in Indonesia Mengajar is having good academic grade, leadership experience, have passion, motivation, and also spirit for teaching, and agree to be placed on rural areas. Besides the noble purpose, joining Indonesia Mengajar will give you a content experience. Interested to give a bright future in Indonesia’s education world?

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