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Fine Dining
Fine Dining

Tasteful Indonesia Peranakan’s Fine Dining at Mèradelima

Spectr News Theme Victoria Tunggono
29, January 2016

Indonesian food is known for its richness of flavor. So when it’s fused with the Chinese culture, the result of the food will be colourful and tasteful. You can find the fusion food in Mèradelima Restaurant. It is the Indonesia peranakan (calling for Indonesian crossbreed with Chinese) food that should be put on your list of favorite restaurants.

The interior is designed and decorated with the mix of two cultures. The thick classic nuance is felt once you enter the fine dining restaurant. The colors of red and brown, and pretty ornaments such as vintage plates that placed on the walls of the restaurants make the room even warmer. The place is suitable if you want to invite your foreigner guest for a meal.

The food is also decorated beautifully and of course, tasty. As appetizer, you can start with the Lumpia Petak Sembilan, Tahu Kedungwuni, Salad Entjiem or Salad Van Zuiland. If you want to eat soup or side dish, we recommend Sayur Asam Apho and Kerapu Kuah Segar. They are refreshing! For main course they offer various menus, such as Nasi Goreng Putri Cina, Ayam Onje, Ayam Kodok, Bihun Pecinan, Oseng Sampek Enthai, Iga Saos Kopi, Empal Bakar Kali Jodo, Gurame 5 Rasa, Cumi Goreng Orpha, and many more.

Do you want more for your tummy? You can order the dessert menu Babajati, which is the grilled banana with cheese that is crunchy on your mouth. Or try the Dji Sam Soe, the fermented cassava that fried then topped with vanilla ice cream that can be tasty to end your meal. Mmmm... The food price here ranged from Rp150,000,- to Rp300,000,- per person, including food and beverage. Rather than keep being curious, come to try the food yourself. You’ll get a unique impression here. Good luck!

Victoria Tunggono
Victoria Tunggono