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Indonesia, Say Welcome to Netflix!

Indonesia, Say Welcome to Netflix!


Good news for you movie lovers. Netflix, the movie streaming provider that has the biggest content is now available in Indonesia! By using Netflix, you can subscribe to enjoy various kinds of movies and also TV series. In Indonesia, there are 3 subscribe packages start from Rp109.000,- to Rp139.000,- per month.

The difference is on the movie picture quality and how many devices that can be played in same time. If you want to try it first, Netflix also offers free trial for the first month. You just need to sign up for an account through Netflix website.

After signing up, you can add the names of the users that will use your account, because one account can be used for one family. Don’t worry because Netflix has filter feature for kids, so it prevents your child to watch movies with adult ratings. But for now, there are still a few movies and TV serials that can be accessed in Indonesia. Let’s hope Netflix adds its content as soon as possible. Don’t forget to sign up now!