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Indonesian Babywearers Teachs the Right Way to Holding a Baby

By Isny Dewi R

12 November 2019

Indonesian Babywearers shares information with mothers about the right way to hold a baby.

In addition to providing exclusive breastfeeding and caring for baby, holding a baby is also very beneficial for both mother and baby. Maybe you've heard the term if baby is often held will "smell the hand"? Or if often carried, the baby will crybaby if not carried. Maybe that's how the fears of mothers if they often hold their babies. But, this group of mothers can help you knowing how important and beneficial it is to hold a baby.

Indonesian Babywearers community (IBW) was first founded by Yohana Habsari. This community has now spread to 45 cities in Indonesia, such as Jabodetabek, Bandung, Kediri, Bali, Aceh, Banjarmasin, and many more. IBW itself was founded because they wanted to share information with mothers about the right way to hold a baby. Yohana admitted, she founded this community also because she was inspired by herself who was often inconvenient and felt sore when she carried a baby without knowledge.

One thing that must be considered is the comfort between mother and baby, because holding a baby can also affect the growth of the baby, especially the spine. In addition to health, holding a baby can also create a good bond between mother and baby.

Not only discussing the benefits, this community also teaches mothers how to deduce the right hand or sling. Carrying positions must also be considered, ranging from babies who are only a few days old to babies who are more than one year old.

The advantage gained by mothers who join Indonesian Babywearers is that they can try holding a baby with different types of sling. So if there is a meeting, mothers can remind each other and learn.

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