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Indonesian Cinemas Cancel Open July 29

By Eskanisa R

26 July 2020

GPBSI agree to cancel reopening cinemas in regards to COVID-19 outbreak.

Photo source:Julien Andrieux - Unsplash

In regards to high number cases of COVID-19 in Jakarta, Indonesian cinemas cancel open July 29. Head of Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy, Cucu Ahmad Kurnia said, “COVID-19 cases in Jakarta has risen, again. We will wait for the right time to considering cinemas reopen.” as reported from Detik.
Responding to the latest decision, Chairman of All Indonesia Cinema Management Association (GPBSI), Djonny Sjafruddin said GPBSI are fully supported the decision to cancel cinemas reopen. By looking at the condition of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia, customers and staffs safety is the top priority, reported from Kompas.
Therefore, Dewinta Hutagaol as Head of Corporate Communications and Brand Management Cinema XXI also respond the decision. According to Dewinta, Cinema XXI has been applied adjusted health protocol to welcome visitors as well as ensure their safety and all staffs including mask wearing, temperature checking, and applying physical distancing.
Hence, Cinema XXI shared same voice with GPBSI to support government decision to not reopen cinemas July 29. Dewinta also hopes COVID-19 outbreak end soon so economy can fully recover, reported from Liputan6.

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