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The First Indonesian Food Blogger Community

By Isny Dewi R

11 February 2019

Indonesian Food Blogger, the first food blogger community.

There are many culinary communities in Indonesia, one of them who has many members is Indonesian Food Blogger (IDFB). This community that was founded in 2011 already has thousand members.

Indonesian Food Blogger is a community where Indonesian food bloggers gather around. The first food blogger community in Indonesia was initiated by five Indonesian food bloggers, including Andrie Anne, Ellen Anthununis, Elsye Suranto, Freeyanti Inev, and Pepy Nasution who are eager to have an information exchange forum among fellow food bloggers.

Currently, there are more than five thousand IDFB followers on Instagram. There are no special requirements to become members. All people who love culinary can become a member simply by following IDFB social media accounts, both on Facebook and Instagram @idfoodbloggerOver time, IDFB has now developed into a commercial community. Many endorsements from restaurants and food retailers who want to promote their business through this culinary community.

Although it's not as active as before, every IDFB member still often sharing information through their Facebook group and WhatsApp group. One of IDFB founders also hopes that someday Indonesian Food Blogger can hold a big event that can gather all food bloggers who are this community members. We hope so!

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