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Indonesian Hikers Community Club – How A Fun Way to Hike a Mountain

By Nadia Latief

22 November 2015

Indonesian Hikers Community Club

Indonesia is a country with many magnificent mountains. There is at least one in every big island. These mountains can be nice ones to hike. And if you’re in question for partners to hike, you can join Komunitas Pendaki Gunung Indonesia (KPGI), or in English Indonesian Hikers Community. This community is a perfect place for mountaineers. Established by Teuku Ferry Irawan in 2010, this club was born to gather individuals who love nature, adventure, and ones who seek Indonesian’s beauty.

There’s no age limit to become a member. Anyone from junior high school to over 50 years old can join to hike. KPGI does not provide equipment, however borrowing among members is possible. Not just hiking, but KPGI also have another agenda such as training and gathering among members. Members are not just people from Jakarta, but also Surabaya, Semarang even Palembang. You don’t longer need to worry for finding hiking partners. Interested to join in?

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