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Indonesian Mini Motorcylce Communinity

Indonesian Mini Motorcylce Communinity


Not just only children, the adults or motor collector are attracted by this motor cycle. Motor mini is two wheels vehicle with 50-110cc capacity. Same as a normal motor cycle, motor mini  use gazoline fuel. Eventhough it has a small size, this motor can handle the rider's weight from 70-100 kg!  

Establish since 2012, Indonesian Mini Motorcylce Communinity  or alson has known has KOMMI (Komunitas Motor Mini Indonesia) has hundreds personal which almost of them are old people who have the enthusiast to canalizing their gift and hoby with safety riding. 

Now, KOMMI has a headquarter in Radio Dalam. Beside the place become the secretariat of KOMMI, it is also use as the repair shop where serves selling and buying mini motor, spare part, and modification. 

KOMMI also often hangout in several spots in Jakarta, like in Senayan City and Taman Barito. When they gathered, usually the topic of the gathering is about touring agenda. Eventhough it has a small size with wheels diameter 6,5 inch, the capibility can not be underestimated. 

It has been completed with 44 inch piston diameter engine which equals with lawn mower and dual disc brake on the brake system, KOMMI has conquared Gunung Mas lane, Puncak, West Java.   

During the touring, motor mini is accompanied by big motorcycle  and transporter car to transport the motor mini if it suffer from damaged. The interesting part, this motor is more sensitive than ordinary motorcycle in rainy season and it has the ability to through steep lane during in Puncak until Puncak Pass.  

Motor mini is not recommended to ride in the main road by yourself without accompanied of the big motorcycle, because is too dangerous.  

If you and your little beloved one are enthusiast to ride motor mini dan also interesting to be ta part of the community, you can visit the basecamp in Jl. Haji Yasim, Kompleks Yado 1, Radio Dalam, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan.