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5 Indonesian Podcasts Coming Exclusively to Spotify

By Isny Dewi R

18 June 2020

Picture source: Pixabay

Podcasts continue to rise in popularity around the world, one of those is Indonesia. Reported from music streaming and media service provider, Spotify, Indonesia’s listeners stream podcasts more than any other country in Southeast Asia. To spoil podcast listeners in Indonesia, at the end of last May, Spotify announced a new line-up of Indonesian podcasters that have become exclusive. You can see five of them below!

1. Makna Talks
Makna Talks offers candid conversations with fascinating public figures and influential trendsetters. Delivered weekly, the in-depth and curiosity-fueled podcast is hosted by Iyas Lawrence, one of the most well-known interviewers today. A creative himself, Iyas always finds a way to get his guests to discuss the unexpected. From sci-fi and K-drama to political voting and sustainable living, Makna Talks provides a wide breadth of perspectives on things you wish you knew.

2. Rintik Sedu
Rintik Sedu is created by Jakarta-based novelist Nadhifa Allya Tsana, and the podcast is titled after her pseudonym. During the course of her career, she has written six novels, one of which is currently being adapted into a movie. In her podcast, she shares her personal love stories and invites listeners to reflect by posing deep questions.

Picture source: Instagram @rintiksedu

3. BKR Brothers
BKR Brothers is brought to you by three radio personalities: Bobby Mandela, Molen Kasetra, and Ryo Wicaksono. Having known and worked with one other for a long time, they are indeed brothers in every way but blood, which makes for great chemistry, easy listening, and lots of banter.

Thanks to their common background and shared networks, BKR Brothers is the go-to source for what’s happening in food, fashion, and professional life. Prominent episode guests include model Manohara Odelia Pinot, singer Ardhito Pramono, and actor Zack Lee.

Picture source: Instagram @bkrbrothers

4. DESTAnya Siapa?
DESTAnya Siapa? may be familiar to those who know Deddy “Desta” Mahendra, Indonesia’s beloved TV host, radio presenter, and former member of the Club Eighties band. Now Desta, whose name is synonymous with his witty jokes and loud personality, brings his signature charm to his very own podcast. On the show, he holds nothing back as he discusses everyday topics with humor.

Picture source: Instagram @desta80s

5. Malam Kliwon
Malam Kliwon is hosted by two voiceover talents, Bimo Kusumo and Ramadhanu. The podcast tells horror stories about ancient Javanese ghosts straight from the personal experiences of its listeners. True to the country’s deep-rooted love for local horror stories, Malam Kliwon has attracted a large audience. Bimo and Dhanu are confident that the podcast will take the audience to a horror theater of the mind that has never been imagined.

Picture source: Instagram @podcastmalamkliwon

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