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Indulge Your Tongue with Crepe and Galette Made by House of Crepes

By Isny Dewi R

11 February 2020

House of Crepes offers sweet and savory crepes, and authentic French galette with various types of toppings.

Who likes crepe? Don't claim to be a crepe fan, if you haven't tried crepe made by House of Crepes. This crepe shop offers sweet and savory crepes, and authentic French galette with various types of toppings. The location is on the 5th floor of Plaza Indonesia, right in front of the escalator, with the concept of take away (not providing a dining area).

Crepes at House of Crepes is made directly by a French. Crepe is a typical French food with sweet or savory toppings or filling. The shape and texture are similar to pancake but thinner. Unlike most crepes in Indonesia which are thin and crispy, crepes made by House of Crepes has soft and chewy texture.

Photo Credit: Instagram @house.of.crepes

French crepe dough is made using a mixture of flour, eggs, and fresh milk as the main ingredients. The dough is then cooked on a special flat pan called billig. The cooking time for crepe dough is about three minutes, before the topping is added.

The crepe menu here is divided into two categories Sweet Crepes and Savory Galettes. For Sweet Crepes, are further divided into classic and signature. Classic Sweet Crepes combines Nutella or homemade dark chocolate with cheese, banana, strawberry and almond. While the Sweet Crepes signature consists of three choices of flavors. For the galette, there are two signature menu choices, Three Kind of Cheese and The Classic La Complete.

Open-air outlet allow buyers to peek at the crepe making process. Starting from the dough is poured into billig, topping addition, until the crepe is folded, then cut into six small pieces, and then wrapped using food paper that reads the history of crepe and galette. And the last, crepe is put in a box.

Photo Credit: Instagram @house.of.crepes

If you are confused about choosing, you can order one of signature sweet crepes, L'Amour Au Caramel (Rp. 55,000) which is the most favorited crepe here. Crepe is given homemade salted caramel butter sauce and apple slices. The fragrance of caramel sauce with a taste that is not too sweet, and sweet and sour mixture from apple slices, makes you want to continue eating it.

If you like the classic, you can choose Crepe Homemade Chocolate & Almonds (Rp. 38,500). The melted dark chocolate is dominating, but the sweetness is still perfect. It is very delicious to eat together with the almond with a rather soft texture.

The texture of the crepe at House of Crepes is very soft and chewy. The mixture also has a slightly sweet and savory taste, thanks to the combination of local and French flour used.

Photo Credit: Instagram @house.of.crepes

If you are curious about the taste of galette, you should try Galette Three Kind of Cheese (Rp. 60,500). This galette uses brown-colored buckwheat flour. The chewy texture is the same as crepe, only there is a typical aroma and taste of buckwheat. The buckwheat flour used was imported directly from France.

As the name implies, this galette contains three kinds of cheese, cheddar, gruyere, and mozzarella. The use of gruyere cheese makes the aroma and savory taste so sharp. Cheese lovers will love it!

Top Photo Credit: Instagram @house.of.crepes

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House of Crepes
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Setiap hari: 10.00 – 22.00 WIB

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