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Indulging Massage and Crambath at La Bello Beauty & Korean Spa

By Eskanisa R

05 November 2019

La Bello, Korean spa for best service, products, and price.

La Bello Beauty & Korean Spa is a perfect place offering you best treatments to pamper yourself like this Golden Spa. Before starting the treatment, friendly, professional therapists asking you to do sauna in a hot room for 10 – 15 minutes.

Right before walking to the sauna room, you need to wet your body make it clean and ready to expose the heat. La Bello believes sauna helps remove toxins also improving your blood circulation.

After sauna, therapist continue with scrub. Your body get scrub from neck to the toe to remove dead skin and any dirt. After your skin feel smoother, therapist doing massage for 60 minutes which help get rid tense muscles. Last but not least, have a shower to enjoy other treatments such as face acupressure, get a new haircut, creambath or blow dry.

La Bello offering affordable yet complete body treatments start from Rp200.000 which is perfect for your monthly pampering routines to get cleaner, brighter and moisturized skin. Hence it is occupying simple building like a house, the cleanliness of La Bello is well maintained.

The friendly and professional therapists, quality products they use from Korea guarantee you to keep coming back. So, free your time and visit La Bello Beauty & Korean Spa to experience authentic Korean spa and hair care!



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La Bello Beauty & Korean Spa
Jl. H. Nawi II No. 19, Gandaria Selatan, Jakarta Selatan 12420

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08.00 – 18.00 WIB

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Phone: 0811163379 / 021 - 7697838