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Inexpensive Table Recommendation for Study and Work From Home

By Eskanisa R

08 September 2020

Starts from Rp1.999.000.

Photo source: Pixabay

This pandemic forces people to study and work from home. To support all-from-home activities, tablets have many advantages compared to smartphones due to its laptop-wise specifications and inexpensive prices. Tablets also can be adjusted as per user’s comfort for reading, it has big screen also lightweight to handle everywhere. Here are best recommendations for inexpensive tablets for your activities at home.

1. MatePad T10s
Huawei launched this pre-order tablet until September 15 for Rp2.599.000. MatePad T10s provides 5,100 mAh battery capacity, thin body for only 7,85 mm, and 450 grams, as reported from WikitaPad.
For any video conference needs, MatePad T10s equipped with Harman Kardon speaker gives similar 3D effect sound with 9.1 surround audio channels. It also equipped with TuV Rheinland to reduce blue light radiation while reading as well as eBook mode to change its screen black and white.
There are also great features including Children Corner, Parental Control, and Content Management to filtering web content and setting internet time limits for kids to help your kids focus on their study.

2. Galaxy Tab A 2019
This 8-inch tablet from Samsung could be a great solution for studying and working at home. To support digital learning, Galaxy Tab A 2019 equipped with Smart Learning Class for elementary to university. This feature is a classroom based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to help increase effectiveness or learning activities—from helping teachers to find study materials to interactive teaching tools.
Smart Learning Class consists of several contents as collaboration between Samsung and PesonaEdu, IJakarta, and National Library to create curriculum makes students easier to study, as reported from Gizmologi.
Moreover, Galaxy Tab A 2019 also has Kids Mode to make parents easier filtering time and proper content for kids. You can purchase this Rp1.999.000 tablet at Samsung store, or any official online stores.

3. Advan Tab 8
Came from local brand, Advan, this tablet launched last March with upgrade hardware performance, bigger storage capacity, battery and multimedia features including camera. To support #DiRumahAja, Advan offering 8-inch full filed of screen, dual speaker with dual BOX speakers for clearer sound, and 5 MP camera to support any video conference needs. For Rp1.999.000, Advan Tab 8 can do multi-tasking and browsing well with any worry to running out of battery.

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