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INHYPE, the Largest Coworking Space with Sea View

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18, November 2019

You may already be familiar with coworking space. If coworking space is usually located in the middle of the city, close to business centers or offices, this is different from other coworking spaces. INHYPE Coworking Space is located at Baywalk Mall Pluit, which provides easy access to the mall. But not only that, INHYPE is the first coworking space in Jakarta and the only one that offers Sea View.

INHYPE Group is not a new name, they were previously known for their HYPE festival in collaboration with more than 3000 local brands. According to INHYPE Group founder, Willy Kurniawan, this coworking space can also be used to hold various weekly events such as workshop, weekend movie, and others. This is done in order to balance work and fun so it can produce innovation and enhance the creativity of young people.

Willy further revealed, "we are well aware, today's society needs a comfortable place with complete facilities such as meeting room, coffee shop, free wifi and others to get creative and innovative ideas as a group or individually."

In INHYPE Coworking Space, you can choose to use rented Private Space, or Communal Space for those who want to work in a shared workspace. In addition, INHYPE also provides  spaces that can be arranged for events.

Baywalk Mall Pluit welcomes this coworking space, especially because it offers sea view that no other coworking space has. In a way, those who come here will feel like working while on vacation.

Occupying an area of ​​2000 square meters, INHYPE Coworking Space is located on the 5th Floor Baywalk Mall in Pluit. The coworking space in North Jakarta is expected to fill the need for communal work space with modern, elegant, stylish design and has complete facilities.

Website: inhype.co/co-working

Top Photo Credit: Instagram @inhypecoworkingspace

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.