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Biggest Community of Bus Enthusiasts in Indonesia

By Eskanisa R

05 Jul 2019

BisMania, biggest community of bus enthusiasts in Indonesia.

This unique community does not consider bus as common transportation, but also hobbies to deliver they photography skills. BisMania Community is an organization of bus enthusiasts in Indonesia.

They usually sharing about buses and its technologies as well as exchange information about buses around Indonesia. Some members of this community become spontaneous guide when other members plan to traveling other cities. They also sharing the ethics of bus photography, so they will not disturb other people and driver.

Some of routine activities they do include social services, campaigns to invite other to use bus as their daily transportation also National Jamboree. Do you want to join this community? For further information about BisMania Community, go to the contact details on the left side.


BisMania Community
Sekretariat: Jl. Johar Baru II No. 6, Jakarta Pusat

Open Hours:


More Information:


Phone: 021 – 93998910