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Useful Things You Didn’t Know Your Freezer Could Do

By Eskanisa R

15 Aug 2019

Useful things your freezer could do besides storing food.

This whole time, you probably use freezer only to store food, in fact your freezer can do useful things you didn’t know. Let’s check this out!

Last days, a massive power cut happened for hours. You can save stock of your candle with freezer. Put as much candle as you have in a freezer for at least two hours to whole day (before use). Low temperature of freezer helps slow burning process. This one also applies for your favorite aromatherapy.

Are you afraid color of your favorite jeans will fade away? Put your jeans in freezer using plastic or canvas bag. Keep for a night before you wash. But, make sure, your jeans is smell free because low temperature make your jeans smell that bad.

Put stamp in wrong place? Freeze for 20 minutes and use sharp knife to take off the stamp from paper, envelopes attached. Do it carefully, do not let your stamp get wrinkle!


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