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Benefits of Having a Side Business

By Eskanisa R

06 May 2019

Benefits of having a side business for employee.

In fact, side business not only give you extra money, but also has benefits as these following information.

1. Plus Point for Your Resume

Resume is one of many effective ways to explain your qualification while applying job. Your experience of a small side business will be useful to convince HRD. They might be consider to give you higher position, such as manager while looking for your resume.

2. Expanding Network

For those who work from 9 am to 5 pm, it is quite difficult to have a new friend other than colleagues and some old friends. Lucky you, if you have a small side business, you have a great opportunity to meet new friends, individuals or even community. Along with that, you also have the opportunity to introduce your business to them.

3. Raise Your Enthusiasm

Who says a small side business cause stress? If you choose business based on your passion, it will not feel like work in other place right after you are done with your primary work. It just feel like doing your hobby. Spending couple hours after work, to do your side business help you to raise your enthusiasm in order to gain your income as well as learn a lot of new things.

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