Inspiring Accounts on Instagram You Should Follow

Inspiring Accounts on Instagram You Should Follow


As an active social media user, what do you do when log into your favourite platforms? Watching Instagram stories? Watching live streaming? Giving likes and comments in other people photos or videos? Hence, you can also find a lot of inspirations through these following accounts.

1. @nkcthi

photo source: https://www.instagram.com/nkcthi/?hl=en

Nanti Kita Cerita Tentang Hari Ini also known as @nkcthi uploading dozens inspiring quotes related to people lives. Simple illustrations perfectly blend with great words that invite all of their followers to think about life, to be more grateful and less complain. In other words, @nkcthi invites you to be more productive while enjoying life in simple yet fun ways.

2. @thegoodquote

photo source: https://www.instagram.com/thegoodquote/?hl=en

Hundreds of inspiring quotes uploaded by @thegoodquote successfully make their 15 million followers feel they are not alone in order to face their problems. Consists of advice, motivation, even meme, their contents inspired by popular writers, celebrities, historians, scientists and other. They motivate people to be better person in life.

3. @journey_to_wellness

photo source: https://www.instagram.com/journey_to_wellness_/?hl=en

Here, you can find other perspectives about mental health. Along with inspirational quotes, @journey_to_wellness also invites their followers to live happy and positively in various ways, such as to do more exercise, get rid of panic attack, dealing with depression through colourful illustrations you should follow on Instagram.