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Instagram Features You can Access on the Web

By Eskanisa R

19 April 2020

Watch more enjoyable live stream on on the web.

Since the end of 2017, Instagram users can access Stories on the Instagram web. Along with that feature, users also can upload (create) Stories using Instagram mobile web only tapping the camera icon on the top left of their timelines. Then, to save Stories you like, tap on the bookmark icon on the top right of your main page. As easy as pie!

Coming at the beginning of 2020, Instagram released another new feature to send and reply direct messages through browser on your non-smartphone devices, either your laptop, computer or tablet. This most awaited feature on Instagram definitely making any Instagram users at ease to get connected with others through DM without always checking their smartphones.

Later, to ensure their users enjoy stay at home moments during this pandemic, Instagram also released feature to you enjoy a lot of Live Stream through website using your laptop, computer or tablet.

It definitely feels more enjoyable to watch your favourite world best musicians in larger screen display than your smartphones. Besides being larger, comment section available on the right side of your (Instagram) page, it makes live stream cleaner.

Another feature make you in awe is Picture in Picture mode to ensure you enjoy any live stream on while opening another window either browser or messaging application. Enjoy your favourite world musicians live stream on the web with this perfect features. 



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