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Instagram Launched #MerahPutihChallenge to Celebrate Indonesia's Independence Day

By Isny Dewi R

18 August 2020

Instagram launched #MerahPutihChallenge sticker to celebrate Indonesia's 75th Anniversary.

Photo source: Pixabay
Every 17th of August, Indonesians always rejoice in celebrating Indonesia’s independence day. Celebration is always synonymous with red and white flag-raising ceremonies in numerous locations, competitions for children to adults, and more.
However, the celebration of Indonesia's independence day this year is very different, because currently the world is facing COVID-19 pandemic, where people are asked not to carry out activities that can create crowds.
Even so, that doesn't mean you can't celebrate Indonesia's 75th Anniversary. You can celebrate virtually through social media platforms, one of which is Instagram, which launched the #MerahPutihChallenge sticker to celebrate of Indonesia's Anniversary.
"Through the launch of #MerahPutihChallenge sticker, Instagram wants to help Indonesians to be able to celebrate one of Indonesia's historic days in an expressive and fun way," said Putri Silalahi, Asia Pacific Instagram Communication Manager in a press statement, quoted from detikINET.
#MerahPutihChallenge is an online challenge that invites Indonesians to celebrate Indonesia's 75th Anniversary by posting photos of themselves wearing red and white and writing their hopes for Indonesia.
The nuances of red and white symbolize the spirit of Indonesians in celebrating the independence day in a simple way but full of creativity and joy.
Photo source: Check In Jakarta doc. / Isny
Then, how to join the #MerahPutihChallenge?
  1. Users can post their photos wearing red and white clothes accompanied by a caption that contains their hopes for Indonesia, both on Instagram Stories and Feed. You can also repost your feed upload to Instagram Stories.
  1. Tap the square smiley icon at the top of Story.
  1. Tap #Challenge, then type #MerahPutihChallenge. After that, you can invite your friends to take part in this challenge by mentioning their Instagram account.
"We hope that the launch of #MerahPutihChallenge sticker can help Indonesian government build the spirit of celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Indonesian more festively on the online platform," she added.

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