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Instagram Reaches 400 Million Users

Instagram Reaches 400 Million Users


The increasing number of Instagram users is unstoppable. Last December, this searching and sharing photos app reaches 300 million users. The big news is, they have announced that the community of Instagram user has grown into more than 400 million. It means that Instagram has been successfully increased its user up to 100 million in less than one year. This is fantastic considering Instagram had only been launched since five years ago.

From the announcement on Instagram’s blog, the community of Instagram user is now spreading globally with more than 75% live outside their origin country, United States. They also indicate that their users are mostly from Europe and Asia. The countries with the most Instagrammers are Brazil, Japan, and Indonesia. Averagely, there are 80 million photos been posted everyday on Instagram.

On the other side, Facebook keeps maintain its domination on social media platform. On the last August, Facebook set a new record with 1 billion users accessing Facebook on the same day (from total 1.31 billion). Meanwhile, Facebook Messenger has total 700 million users per month, and WhatsApp reaches 800 million active users on the last April.