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Instagrammable Miniature of Europe in Bogor

By Eskanisa R

27 February 2020

Devoyage, Instagrammable miniature of Europe in Bogor.

Do you have any plan to visit Europe in near future? This weekend, you can visit ‘Europe’ without having get on the plane. Just driving your car to Devoyager Bogor to enjoy Instagrammable miniature of Europe.

This popular tourist destination in Bogor occupied 1.5 hectares area, more less and offering dozens of Instagram-worthy spots with contemporary European building as perfect background.


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Spending Rp30.000 per ticket on weekdays of Rp40.000 per ticket on weekend, you can enjoy at least 150 spots and delicious culinary selections from 9am to 8pm (weekend only). Carrying the concept of old village in Europe, Devoyage Bogor also offering green spaces with river and small wooden boats you can rent as well as classic European clothes while choosing one of the landmarks as background photo.


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Some favorite photo spots by visitors are include Eiffel Tower, Red Phone Box, and artificial river. To complete your journey here, Devoyage Bogor has exciting game, Robin Hood for Rp30.000 per game. This one will teach you to enjoy archery just like real Robin Hood.

Devoyage Bogor has also a lot of packages for special events such as meeting packages, corporate gatherings, holiday packages, wedding packages, pre-wedding photoshoot to BBQ Night at affordable prices start from Rp95.000. Click here to find out more information and latest promo of Devoyage Bogor!

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