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Interview Tips and Taking Photos when Making a Passport

By Isny Dewi R

11 November 2019

the correct dress code and other things that you should pay attention to for the interview and taking photos to make a passport.

Are you planning a vacation abroad but don't have a passport yet? Still don't know how to dress properly when taking photos and interview to make a passport? Dont worry! The following is the correct dress code for the interview and taking photos reported from the Directorate General of Immigration @ditjen_imigation @ditjen_imigrasi Instagram account.

1. Wear Collared Shirt and Don't Use White Shirt
Just like when you go to work or to government offices, you have to wear neat collared shirt. However, you must pay attention also, don’t wear white shirt. It’s intended that your passport photo looks decent when examined at an immigration office abroad.

2. Wear Trousers or Formal Skirt
For men, you are required to wear trousers, while for women you can wear long pants or formal skirt.

3. Bring Smartphone to Show Your Passport Queue Number
If you have registered a queue online, you are required to bring a smartphone to show your passport queue number. This will also make it easier for you to queue for interview and taking photos for your passport.

4. Wear Shoes
You must wear shoes when you come to the Immigration office, so you will present a neat and proper impression of you to get a passport.

5. Bring Complete Documents
Last but also very important, don't forget to bring your personal documents such as ID Card (KTP), Family Card (KK), Birth Certificate and diplomas. You are required to bring complete documents needed by the immigration office to arrange a passport. If you miss, then you are forced to register again from the beginning.

Photo Credit: Instagram @ditjen_imigrasi

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