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Glimpse of Marketing Trends in 2019

By Eskanisa R

18 Feb 2019

More effective and efficient marketing trends in 2019.

Nowadays, marketing cannot be separated from technology. The rapid development of technology encourage marketers to be more active introduce yet selling their products and services in more effective and efficient ways. As stated by Indonesia Marketing Association (IMA) in this new year of 2019 there are at least nine new marketing trends dominated by technology, including these following points.

Combination of offline and online marketing is perfect yet powerful weapon to gain purchasing actions as well as customer satisfaction. Online marketing, using social medias make easier for you to build conversations with customers, including suggestions so the quality of your products and services well improved. Along with that, offline marketing, make easier for people who need to see the products or services by themselves, so you can start distributing flyers around the physical store.

Nowadays, digital marketing is considered as prior thing to do for any kind of business. You can target the right audience with this strategy, specific people you want them to buy your products or use your services. Using social medias, for example, making a banner ads, ad uses a graphic display and put on specific website to gain engagement of buyers. In addition, it becomes your presentation tool to give a lot of information also build your brand.

Last step you can try is influencer marketing. This strategy using a top influencers on social medias, like Instagram to introduce, promote your products or services while inviting their followers to make some purchasing. Things to be considered before choose perfect influencer is budget and number of followers.