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Is It Necessary to Endorse Social Media Influencers for Your Business?

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
31, December 2019

As business person, you might be familiar with term of endorsement. Endorsement believed as an effective way (online marketing) which help increasing your sales using services from social media influencers or artists who have a lot of followers and great engagement (comment and like) on any popular platforms. Hence, is it really necessary yet effective?

For younger generation who really depend on their smartphones, spending a lot of time surfing from one to other social media, using services of social media influencers or any popular public figures is considered as an ideal choice to get bigger and wider market.

Cost of endorsement itself is various. It depends on level of popularity (number of followers and engagement). Thing makes this endorsement more interesting is a lot of social media influencers and public figures also accept other form of endorsement (besides money), like products.

Hence, success level of endorsements cannot be systematically calculated. Important thing to note is engagement achievement can be defined by how many products you can sell but how many people are starting to know and interest with your products. It can be simply seen from number of followers you have (after endorsement) and interaction in comment section.

It actually happened because there is a tendency to follow the habits of their idol. According to a study, greater name of someone has (public figure), greater his or her influenced their fans. If you find yourself interested to endorse influencers or public figures, you can choose them which meet your promotion budget. Because endorsement is not cheap, so you need to find ideal one which meet your budget to get win-win solution for both sides.


Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani