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Ixobox, a Barbershop with Modern Technology

By Isny Dewi R

29 November 2019

Ixobox is not just a place for getting haircut, but always tries to update with the latest technology.

Community life today is very familiar with the digital world. Realizing this, Barbershop Ixobox is able to work on this all-digital segment. Ixobox not only offers modern hairdressing services, but also clean, comfortable, premium quality using advanced technology, but with affordable prices.

Ixobox doesn’t want to be just a place for getting haircut, but always tries to update with the latest technology. The haircut house that have more than 50 branches have become a promising franchise business.

One of the very modern Ixobox outlets can be found in western lobby basement of Ciputra mall. Here you just pick up payment proof ticket containing queue number and QR Code. The QR code will later be scanned by the hairstylist. If the QR code is not scanned, the electricity in the box will not turn on. After being scanned and the electricity is on, the haircut process can begin.

Haircut time is also limited to only about 15 to 20 minutes, for the convenience of consumers, so they will not wait too long. The QR code system also aims to avoid fraud, in order to increase investor confidence that Ixobox is very simple and transparent.

Previously, consumers first pay through kiosk machine that accept cash and digital payment such as Gopay and Ovo. Everything is done independently without a cashier. The use of kiosk machines is fairly efficient, because it doesn’t require a cashier. While from the consumer side, payment become faster and more memorable, because there aren't many barbershops implementing this system.

Other privileges owned by Ixobox are this haircut house always uses a sterilized comb, storage box for keep equipment that can also keep customer's personal items, hair cleaning system using no water and shampoo but air-sucking technology, all scissors and other equipment are always sterilized using sterilizer, as well as specialists of hair cutting and hair grooming.

Photo Credit: Instagram @ixobox

Ixobox indeed sells experience by combining art, quality, service, technology and affordable prices. Therefore, since the beginning Ixobox has invested in developing systems and technology, and established Ixobox Academy to develop and improve hairstylist skills, both hard skills and soft skills.

Ixobox is not only for men, but also serves women and children who want to be different. This is in accordance with the slogan "A Modern Haircut For Men, Women & Kids".


Top Photo Credit: Instagram @ixobox

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