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Jakarta Backpacker Community – Fun Way Traveling

By Nadia Latief

29 November 2015

Jakarta Backpacker Community

Many people want to travel or have a tour in comfort because they want to get relaxed from the hectic daily activities. But there is other way to travel with some adventure, which is by backpacking. A person who travels by this way is called backpacker. So backpacking is traveling with minimum budget with a backpack to carry all of the stuff. Some people think backpack traveling is more practical than the conventional traveling.

In Jakarta there is a community that gathers people who want to travel this way. It is Komunitas Backpacker Jakarta, which established since 2013. The members of this community make plans together before they leave, from the destination, travel itineraries, deciding on transportation, and accommodation, all with minimum budget and surely featuring backpacks. The travel destinations are not just in Jakarta but also to Tunda Island and Lima Island, Mount Merbabu, on to Lumajang and Malang. The members are not only from Jakarta but also from Tangerang, Bekasi, Depok, and Lampung.

The trips this community does can be up to two to three times a week. Those are done with different destinations and purposes. Often the members do several trips at the same time, so it’s up to you to pick which trip you want to go to. It’s fun, right? By joining the Komunitas Backpacker Jakarta, you don’t have to spend too much money to go on traveling. Joyful heart, restful wallet!

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