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Creative Community You Should Follow

Creative Community You Should Follow


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Also known as JKTMOVEIN (re: Jakarta Move In), this creative yet inspiring community willingly collaborate with many art elements into one perfect show enjoyed various age. In other words, this community which established since 2013 is a huge collaboration among youth Jakartans in art performances. JKTMOVEIN is a perfect place to boost your hidden talents and interest. This creative community fully supported by inspiring artists in Indonesia, such as Mira Lesmana, Riri Riza, Indra Aziz and many more.

There is no difference with other musical productions, there is people work in front and behind the stages. If you interest to join with them, you can choose which one suit you perfectly, become a cast like Danang ‘The Dandees’, Abby Galabby or Teza Sumendra, management team or musician.

In management department you can learn a lot of tips to get sponsor, set effectively marketing strategy also getting engage with some big companies as sponsor. Every members in management department get free workshop with professionals and experts.

Until now, JKTMOVEIN successfully organized three productions, Musikal Sekolahan in 2014, Gemuruh in 2015, while both of them written and produced by Jakarta Movement of Inspiration and last but not least is Musikal Petualangan Sherina, adaptation from a film named Petualangan Sherina by Miles Films.

Interest to join? To register for auditions will be head in 2018, please sign up in their official website. JKTMOVEIN also ready to collaborate for school, university or other community in some fun programs.



Jl. Masjid Condet No. 3, Jakarta Timur 13520


021-8090183 / 0816822292