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JAKI Ease People to Access Information and Services in Jakarta

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02, December 2019

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government (Pemprov) recently launched the Jakarta Kini (JAKI) app, which was developed by Jakarta Smart City Management Unit. JAKI is projected to become a city-app, one-stop service for people who live and have activities in Jakarta.

This app can meet the information needs of peoplr and integrate all community services in DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. In other words, JAKI is an information and service center app for any needs in Jakarta. Therefore, JAKI presents the first phase features which are expected to make people's lives easier.

1. JakWarta
This feature presents official news directly from the Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD) and Regional-Owned Enterprises (BUMD). The OPD and BUMD have official accounts in JAKI app, so the information provided is direct and official from DKI Jakarta Provincial Government.

The information presented is current and has used geo-tagging technology, which means people will get a notification if they are in the area around the information event.

2. JakISPU
JakISPU presents information related to the Air Pollution Standards Index (ISPU) and is integrated with air sensors belonging to Jakarta Environment Agency in real time. This sensor is installed in all municipalities, so people can check the air quality according to their location.

3. JakSurvei
This feature provides an evaluation space for people who want to assess the performance of community services provided by the Jakarta government. In addition, JakSurvei also allows people to participate in surveys regarding policies, facilities, or official polls.

4. JakSiaga
JakSiaga functions as an emergency complaint. By downloading JAKI, people automatically have important numbers during critical situations such as Jakarta Alert 112, SAR team, firefighters, and others. People can help fix Jakarta while getting a sense of security in one application.

5. JakLapor
Through this feature, people can convey problems they encounter in Jakarta. The reporting system in JAKI app is based on geo-tagging and integrated with Fast Response Society (CRM). Registered people can also monitor each report complete with the OPD following up on the report.

6. JakServ
JAKI, which is also projected as an integrator, is a gateway for people to access all of DKI Jakarta Provincial Government's online services.

This month, the second phase of JAKI development will be released by adding a number of features, which are the result of integration of online apps or services that have been provided by DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. These features include:

1. Flood Monitor, provides information on water levels, inundation, water pumps, flood gates, and observation posts available in Jakarta.

2. Food Info: presents information on daily food commodity prices integrated with PD Pasar Jaya data.

3. Report Tracking: can monitor the progress of the report follow-up from any complaint channels.

4. Citizen Feedback: allows the community to provide an assessment of the results of follow-up reports.

5. Access various digital company apps that have collaborated with DKI Jakarta Provincial Government.

In addition to providing app, with the spirit of realizing Jakarta 4.0, JAKI opens opportunities for people who have ideas to develop JAKI through JAKI Project. JAKI Project itself is an invitation from DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to collaborate with people who have creative ideas about JAKI features that can help people do activities in Jakarta. People can submit their ideas through the official JAKI website at JAKI or Jakarta Kini Application can be downloaded on Google Play Store.

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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.