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JakIPA Will Enliven Monas This Weekend

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15, November 2019

The DKI Jakarta Tourism and Culture Depertment presents Jakarta International Performing Arts (JakIPA) which will take place for two days, November 16 and 17 at East Plaza Monas in Central Jakarta, starting at 18:30 to 22:00 WIB.

Acting Head of DKI Jakarta Tourism and Culture Depertment, Alberto Ali said, JakIPA is an art performance that takes mainstream elements such as theater, dance, music, film, opera, magic, spoken word, circus, and recitation.

"We involve the community of performers not only from Indonesia, but also countries who have Sister City relationship with Jakarta. Including, other performers will be invited to perform and even collaborate with Jakarta artists," said Alberto.

Alberto explained, as one of the main tourist destinations in Indonesia, Jakarta should have world-class art and cultural show as an appreciation for artists. Therefore, JakIPA is present as an alternative entertainment for Jakartans while providing space for artists to express themselves.

Not only a place for cultural performance, JakIPA is also a home for cultural exchange. This performance will strengthen Jakarta as a metropolitan city that brings together all cultures in Indonesia.

Indonesian performers who will enliven JakIPA are D'Jakfaro Entertainment, Equator Cultural Studio, Margasari Studio, Sinar Betawi Studio, Maria Calista & Trias Floe Band, Calvin Jeremy & Trias Floe Band, Dazzling Dance Group, Barongsai Kong Ha Hong, and TRisakti Bartending Group. Meanwhile, foreign performers who will perform include the State School of Artistic Berlin, Dance Ensemble Junost (Moscow), and Erika Kertesz (Budapest).

Top Photo Credit: Instagram @dkijakarta

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.