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JakJazz’in Kickoff Concert Presents Special Jazz Festival

By Isny Dewi R

03 December 2019

JakJazz’in Aja will come with the concept of Technotronic Experience.

JakJazz Festival will be held again in 2020. Its presence will be welcomed with a Kickoff concert titled JakJazz’in Aja. According to JakJazz Producer Tommy Maulana, the kickoff concert is a showcase of JakJazz festival which will be held in 2020.

JakJazz’in Aja will take place on December 6, 2019 at Livespace Lot 8 SCBD in South Jakarta, with the concept of Technotronic Experience that combines jazz and technology. Tommy said that the technology element will not only be incorporated into the music, but also in audiovisual, arrangement, and stage performances. He promises, this concert will present something different from the previous jazz festival.

Jakjazz's Kickoff Concert will be filled with stage acts with a series of senior and young Jazz musicians, including Andien, Barry Likumahuwa, Cantika Abigail, Demas Narawangsa, Eva Celia, and more. "We invite many Jazz musicians from the most senior to the youngest," said Tommy.

A JakJazz’in Aja ticket priced at Rp 350 thousand. Tickets can be purchased online on Furthermore, Tommy hopes this Kickoff Concert can be a forum for music lovers and cross-generation jazz musicians to exchange ideas. For him, this is a very great momentum to maintain the continuity and growth and development of the jazz music ecosystem in Indonesia.

Top Photo Credit: Instagram @jakjazzid

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