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Jalan Kendal is Now More Neat and Instagrammable

By Isny Dewi R

05 April 2019

Jalan Kendal Tunnel is now more attractive.

For those who always walking through Jalan Kendal tunnel in Central Jakarta, you must have memorized the vehicles density that always occur in this area. But now, you will no longer find such condition, because the DKI Jakarta administration has already repaired Jalan Kendal and turned it into a pedestrian track.

The construction of the pedestrian track on Jalan Kendal is part of the Transit-oriented Development (ToD) area, to facilitate transportation modes transfer such as MRT, LRT, Commuter Line, Airport Train and Transjakarta. More interestingly, the pedestrian track is also designed artistically, making Jalan Kendal a new Instagrammable spot in Jakarta.

Many people who pass perpetuate the uniqueness of the tunnel decorated with colourful lights using their smartphones. Not only using smartphones, some even use professional cameras. Even though it has not been fully completed, the transformation of Jalan Kendal tunnel has eliminated the chaotic impression and more neat.

The neat and comfortable impression for pedestrians on Jalan Kendal is also inseparable from the contribution of janitors and security officers who are always guard the tunnel to block riders who are trying to get through.

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