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Jangkrik Kuliner Community Honest in Food Review

By Isny Dewi R

25 February 2019

Jangkrik Kuliner, a food review community.

Maybe you often see food tempting photos on your Instagram timeline or explore. Those photos might came from @jangkrikkuliner. No, this is not a community who loves to eat crickets, but a community who loves to review food, taking food pictures and upload them to social media.

This community uploads any kind of food, from street foods, home-cooked foods, quirky and unique foods, to luxury food. Yes, the community formed in September 2017 does have regular food tasting activity and upload them to social media.

Unlike most communities that have many members, Jangkrik Kuliner only has 14 foodies from Jakarta. They initially did not know each other, but they became reviewers at one of the culinary sites, Pergi Kuliner. Then, Pergi Kuliner brings them together by inviting them to eat together, and also exploring several culinary destinations.

From there they finally had the idea to formed a community. In addition, their ages are almost same also make them feel match and connected with each other. From only five members, to 14 members now.

Jangkrik Kuliner name itself is a gift from Pergi Kuliner which often invites them to eat together. But because at that time they didn't have a name yet, so when they are chatting in WhatsApp group, he just said "Hey, hello." Usually these foodies will immediately respond him with "Jangkrik bos, where do you want to treat us?" From there, he gave a proposal to name them Jangkrik, and then become Jangkrik Kuliner.

This community is almost every day looking for food, viral food, good restaurants that not many people know, to street food that are tasty but not yet popular. In addition, they usually give honest reviews. If it's really good they will say it's good, but if they are paid but the food is bad, they will not review the taste. Because they don't want their followers to be disappointed.

While when they take food pictures, if there are foods that look less attractive, they usually ask for adding the vegetables, or they add the sauce. If the portion is small, for example, noodles with small portion, they will lifting the noodles using chopsticks when they want to taking pictures. The Jangkrik Kuliner principle is not wanting to lie both about the taste and the original look of the food.


Instagram: @jangkrikkuliner

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