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JavaMifi Offers Modem Rent to Help People when #stayhome

By Isny Dewi R

01 April 2020

JavaMifi launched an unlimited 4G internet modem rental product to Help People when #stayhome.

The spread of Coronavirus or Covid-19 in Indonesia prompted the government to urge all companies to allow their employees to work from home. The government also applies home learning policy for students. Seeing these condition, a WiFi mobile rental service provider JavaMifi launched an unlimited 4G internet modem rental product.

This modem rental product targets employees and students who need a stable and fast internet to support their indoor activities. JavaMifi provides daily, weekly and monthly packages with unlimited quotas for the wider community affected by this pandemic, so they have to work from home or learn from home.

In addition to offering a stable network and wide area coverage, customers can also order it online via JavaMifi page or contact JavaMifi Customer Service. Later, wireless modem will be sent directly to your home and unlimited internet can be activated immediately without the need for location survey and complicated installation process. JavaMifi also provides free shipping to all cities in Indonesia.

For safety and convenience, JavaMifi also prioritizes customers and employees at the top place by implementing SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for handling equipment to stay hygienic. Every employee must wash their hands and use hand sanitizer routinely before work.

Not only that, all the new JavaMifi modems returned by customers are also stored in a different room. The modem is also cleaned with a special cleaning fluid before being transferred to the packing section and handed back to the customer.

Top picture source: Instagram @javamifi

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