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Javara Successfully Introduces Indonesian Food Products in Abroad

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07, January 2019

We all know that Indonesia has very rich biodiversity and can be used to create the best variety of organic agricultural products. And that's what Helianti Hilman, the founder and CEO of Javara, did. Indonesian agricultural products are exhibited by her to perform in abroad. Helianti managed to polish Indonesian organic agricultural products to finally be liked by the International community.

Javara relies on organic food products grown by Indonesian farmers. Javara packs their products exclusively and highlights the Indonesian culture wisdom. As example, Javara rice products named by Indonesian names, Cempo Merah, Andel Abang, Jenggot Netep, Wangi Menyan, and Menthik Susu, which are packed with a weight between 400 grams and 5 kilograms.

Unlike general rice packaging, Javara also including the story behind the process of making healthy products and produced by farmers in remote areas in Indonesia. According to Helianti, to entering global market, a product must have distinctive characteristics and be able to understand the characteristics of consumers. The global market welcomes Javara products. So that Helianti continues to be committed to maintaining quality without leaving Indonesian local wisdom.

Now, Javara products have spread in 23 countries on five continents. The company also cooperates with thousand local farmers and markets it internationally. The products they have to offer are not only rice, there is also coconut sugar with a variety of flavors such as original, ginger, vanilla, ginger and turmeric. Aside, there are also coffee, honey, various spices, cocoa, cashews, palm sugar, coconut oil, jam, bananas, herbs, seaweed and other types of food products that have captured the hearts of people in other countries.

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Even though now Javara has succeed in local and global markets, it does not mean there are no obstacles. At the beginning of pioneering Javara, Helianti had failed. The woman who graduated from Kings College University of London had difficulty marketing her products domestically. The product price that is more expensive than other similar products has made Javara not attractive for Indonesians.

Javara products also had difficulties on registering. When she wanted to register Javara in the Ministry of Agriculture, it turned out that the registration unit had not been opened. Many products cannot enter the local market, which ultimately makes Helianti choose export. As a result, many foreigners like Javara organic food products.

In 2014, 90% of Javara products were exported. However, along with changes in consumer behavior in Indonesia, Javara products finally began to captivate their hearts. Now the percentage of Javara product marketing is almost 50% -50%.

Before founding Javara, Helianti had worked as a consultant at an international institution. The profession took her to visit several countries in the South Asian region. From that experience, Helianti knows that agricultural products in those countries can easily enter the global market.

When she was on vacation in England, she had stopped by an organic food store that was managed by local farmers. She then thought that Indonesia had biodiversity that could create a variety of quality agricultural products. From that experience, Helianti began to actively establish relationships with the farmers community and began developing Javara since 2008.

You can get Javara organic products at its offline store, in Kemang area, South Jakarta and at various well-known supermarkets in Jakarta.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.