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The Oldest Bar in Jakarta

The Oldest Bar in Jakarta

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The 70s ambience felt so strong when you enter this oldest bar of our capital city. Jaya Pub is found in 1975 by the couple actress Rima Melati and the deceased Frans Tumbuan. This year, Jaya Pub has entered its 40 years of age. Although it is a senior bar, Jaya Pub still be the local’s and expatriate’s favorite. It had ever been relocated because of Kali Cideng widening, but Jaya Pub still exists for the Jakarta’s nightlife hunters.

The signature dark brown interior and oldies accessories will make you feel like brought back to the old days by a time machine. Frans Tumbuan was inspired by a café in Amsterdam which made him want a place where he can drink with friends or family. A place that is not luxurious but can casually chitchat with anyone. So, Frans decided to make this Jaya Pub that located in Thamrin area.

Jaya Pub is also known by having the entertaining live music. In here, you can see the youngsters and also adults can hang out with each other. There is no Wi-Fi connection here. And that is what makes the people ‘pushed’ to socialize with each other. But it’s no worry, because the live music is ready to bring you to create a nostalgic moment. Oldie but goodie!


Gedung Jaya, Jl. MH Thamrin No. 12, Kebon Sirih, Jakarta Pusat 10250, Indonesia



Operational Hours

17.00 - 02.00