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The Oldest Pub in Town

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
18, April 2019

Compared to other bars scattered throughout the capital city, The Jaya Pub looks old. Different from those edgy or garden themed bars that are now popping up in Jakarta. The age of the pub in Jakarta is indeed no longer young. Already exist since 1975, Jaya Pub has survived until today in the midst of many new nightlife spots in Jakarta.

Back in the past, when it was first opened by the couple late Frans Tumbuan and Rima Melati, you could say the European pub was the coolest bar of its time. Not only because the owner is a famous celebrity couple, but also because it has an atmosphere that other bars in Jakarta did not have at that time.

The Jaya Pub fame was heard to foreign countries. Many foreign tourists were curious and visited the bar. Even international celebrities and musicians have set foot here. Some of them are Oscar-winning Richard Anderson from the Six Million Dollar Man series, Mike Connors who played detective Joe Mannix, singer and actress Dutch Wittekke Van Dorp, singer James Brown and Dionne Warwick, Chips actor Erik Estrada, Keith Martin, and Chris Mitchum Hollywood actor who was also the main opponent of the late Frans Tumbuan. Even the legendary WS Rendra once read his poem here.

Others, painter Astari Rasyid, musician Once, Sandy Sondhoro, Reza Artamevia, and Addie MS, until now also often visit the bar. The reason they keep returning to the bar is the 'old school' feel that makes them miss.

Although it is an old bar in Jakarta and many middle-aged visitors, many young people come here. They claimed the oldies atmosphere in Jaya Pub make them love this place. The Jaya Pub is also perfect for having fun with friends. At this bar, age is not a matter. Young and old mingle casually. The absence of free WiFi, a collection of drinks and food menu that is not too much, are also not a problem. As long as there are beers, friends, and old school music that easily provokes nostalgia.

Clinks of cocktail glasses and beer bottles collide with oldies songs that are brought by the home band with enthusiasm, complete with dances. Every now and then, the visitor's hand grabs an old trumpet hanging on the roof and sounds it as a sign of an appreciation for the band's appearance.

In addition to the old trumpet, almost the entire Jaya Pub area is crammed with retro furniture. Some of the furniture been there since the Jaya Pub was opened, and the decor has not changed much. On the wall, you will find some old school photos and posters.

About food, Jaya Pub also has a legendary menu. This 44-year-old bar-made steak has been legendary throughout the Capital City. The food menu specialization here is Western food. Exciting music, delicious food, and friendly service with an authentic atmosphere that persists, may be the cause of the long-lived Jaya Pub.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.