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Jendela Community Help Spreading Education Through Books

By Miranti Devina

19 August 2015

Jendela Community educating youth through books.

Book is the window to the world. That is the Jendela Community’s vision and mission. The existence of this community was started from Jogjakarta’s youth awareness to children who need proper education. This community then made progress by building library in one place to another. The members collected books from donors and repaired library facility in secluded areas.

The Jendela Community had various activities from year to year. Until now, Jendela Community has teamed up with Sampoerna Foundation, DREAMS UGM, and Trans7 to create educative programs, which aimed to teach underprivileged children. Some done activity like Merapi program, which was a program to give free knowledge for the children around Merapi, and internship program for foreign college students to be volunteers, which will give free education to children in some shelters.

This noble action needs a big role of society. Not only to be volunteers, but also to be donors for events. If you’re interested to join or just to give charity, feel free to visit the site, go to the Donation & Sponsorship page or Join Us page. Let’s create together with the people who have the same awareness as you!

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